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What is the Dockhand Secrets Operator?

Dockhand Secrets Operator is a Secrets Management Kubernetes Operator.

Why Dockhand Secrets Operator?

Creation of arbitrary Kubernetes Secrets for your application deployments should be declarative, repeatable, easy, secure and flexible. In an ideal world, your Kubernetes Secrets manifests would be stored in your git repository alongside your application deployment manifests - allowing for full GitOps. The obvious problem is then your secrets aren’t secret anymore.

dockhand-secrets-operator gives you the next best thing a CustomResourceDefinition - Dockhand Secret that has feature parity with a Kubernetes Secret manifest. The Secret feels like a regular Secret but provides a familiar Go templating syntax that will allow the operator to make your Kubernets Secret during your manifest deployment.

dockhand-secrets-operator can also provide automatic rollover of Deployments, DaemonSets and StatefulSets - with the addition of a single Label.

How it works

dockhand-secrets-operator monitors the creation and update of Dockhand Secret, parses the spec and creates a corresponding Kubernetes Secrets. Optionally, with addition of a label on a Deployment, StatefulSet or DaemonSet the operator will also checksum the secret and insert a managed annotation, which will trigger an update in accordance with the update policy on each of those types.

If you wish to have a fully automatic experience, you can enable a syncInterval on a per Dockhand Secret basis that will instruct the operator to poll your Secrets backend for changes. When a change is detected, the operator will rollout a new Deployment, StatefulSet or DaemonSet.